20 Cutest Hello Kitty Girls Bedroom Designs and Decorations

Hello Kitty is a cartoon character which is very popular among girls and women. The adorable red and white kitty surely will make many women and girls resist. That is why Hello Kitty theme can be used for designing the girl’s room.simple hello kity girls bedroom designs for small rooms

Nevertheless, people worry if choosing this theme will make the girl’s bedroom look childish but there are some hello kitty girls bedroom designs ideas which can look elegant. The elegant design can accommodate the interest of the young girl for Hello Kitty themed room but it is also still be great room design for older girls.

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Instead of covering the room with all Hello Kitty items, people can create the elegant pink and white room with the kitty’s face for giant cushioned wall. It can be combined with pink and white striped wallpaper which is sweet and delicate. It will be great option for using the Hello Kitty theme for girl’s bedroom without overwhelming it.hello kity girls bedroom designs with striped wallpapers

Still, you can involve more Hello Kitty items in the room from the bed to the vanity. Giant Hello kitty mirror can also be perfect way for creating attractive girl’s bedroom. It is necessary for limiting the Hello Kitty items in the room especially if it is used for designing the room for grown up girls.

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Gallery for Hello Kitty Girls Bedroom Designs

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