19 Display Ladder Designs DIY Interior Decoration Ideas

One of the smart ways to recycle your old household equipment is by using them for decoration. After some painting job, of course. Not sure if it’s the current trend, but people sure love to add a rustic touch for their interior. And an old ladder is one of the easy way to have that touch. Well, you can always get a new one and make it look aged.

Anyhow, there are many things you can do with the ladder. Whether it has wide foot stand or not. You can attach a chamois or even hang paintings on them. Just be creative about it.

Wall Mounted

Display ladder mounted on the wall

Who would have thought that an old small ladder can work as a wall decor like this. It’s okay if you’re looking at the shed for some unused ladder now. We can understand. As re-purposing means that it no longer work properly.

Hanging Pictures

unique use Display ladder

Again, another wall mounted ladder. Though it looks simple, but it gives your pictures a unique frame. You can have a more modern and simple photo frames if your ladder is already thick or ornate.

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Industrial Wine Rack

Display ladder as wine rack

This is the solution that people have been looking for. How to store their wine bottles without a chiller or wine case.

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Gallery for Display Ladder Designs

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