17 Cool Ideas for Bedroom for All Ages

There are just so many things you can do with your bedroom. You can play around with the color, theme, and many more. You can also work on the wall with paint and combining the original wall with panel. If you have enough space, you can have a unique wall panel as an accent.

However, one thing to remember. Bed is the focal point. So if you’re either run out of ideas, or just not know what to do. Take a good look on the bed and work from there.

Green Snoopy Room

cool ideas for bedroom with storage bed

It’s plain to see how small this room is. Therefore, the owner put a modified trundle bed there. So even though the room is small, it has all the necessary furniture. From bed, closet, bookshelf, and even a small desk.

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With Skylight

cool ideas for bedroom with skylight

If you have an attic bedroom. It’s always great to put one or two skylight in. Not only it works for ventilation and to get more sunlight. But it also can be a real great design point.

Keep the Bed

cool ideas for bedroom with unique four poster

So you only want your bedroom to stay with minimum furniture. But how to make it look cool? Easy. Get the right bed. Of course it has to suit your personality.

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