17 Versatile Modular Sofa Designs You Can Put Everywhere

Modular sofa sure comes in various sizes and the option of being sectional, which mean you can arrange them whatever way you want, or the ready made one with wire frames.

It’s all up to your own preferences. Whether you want to be more creative and have the freedom to move your sofa around. Or maybe you prefer a fixed one, so you don’t have to worry about losing a piece of it when you move. Here’s a nifty thing about modular sofas. They are so versatile, you can literally put them everywhere you want, indoor or outdoor.

Retro style modular sofa

retro modular sofas in yellow

Some people might associate the modular sofa with the 60s or 70s where they can be seen everywhere. Even so, the design is timeless, you can pair it with contemporary geometric coffee table or go classy with low glass topped coffee table. They work both ways.

Pretty in Purple Sectional Modular Sofa

modular sofas in purple

Having a colorful sofa is doable with sectional modular sofa. Not only you’re free to rearrange the colors, but you don’t have to worry about them being mismatched. That’s where the fun is.

Contemporary Sectional Modular Sofa

contemporary modular sofas in Japanese inspired room

This is what I mean when I say freedom to rearrange. You can gather them up in traditional L shaped model, or you can create an impression as if they’re a set of several sofas instead of one modular sofa.

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