17 Mah Jong Sofa Designs for a Nice Interior Touch-up

Mah Jong Sofa is a term for modular sofa that you can rearrange any way you want. A square sofa, circular, backless or not. You can even arrange them into a big mattress for a sleepover you have. It’s square and remind us to mah jong tiles with all the free arrangements.

Most mah jong sofa are in colorful pattern. Bohemian, Hawaiian, and sometimes Moroccan. All shades, bright red, orange, blue, and many more. Some people might even say that having a set of mah jong sofa in the house is like having their own personal rainbow.

Perfect for Reading Room

mah jong sofa for reading room

A cozy place to read. Supported with cozy setting thanks to mah jong sofa. The sofa arrangement is nothing special. But having them in the library or reading room can encourage people to spend more time there.

Artsy Stripes artful mah jong sofa

It’s a work of art. Really. The sofa is in stripes and that matched perfectly with the rug. And even though it’s so simple and have only half than what most people have, but it has became an art object, along with the whole room.

Color Blocks

mah jong sofa in color blocks

Maybe you want something more somber, or more plain. Something less inconspicuous or less flashy. Then here it is. Mah jong sofa in plain color blocks. No pattern whatsoever. But here’s a tip, make sure you pair them with patterned rug or wallpaper, as they’ll compliment each other.

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Gallery for Mah Jong Sofa Designs


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