17 Enchanting Eclectic Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

The term eclectic refers to a room where you able to put various archetypes from different era into one cohesive design. The main idea is to have all those item, both furniture and decoration, into one without clashing one another.

Many have tried, most succeed but failure is also common. Most people enjoy observing or being in an eclectic living room but they’re too afraid to try. Another key is, don’t be afraid of failure. That’s the only way to know whether you’re nailing it or not.

Classy Terracotta

eclectic rooms with chandelier and terracotta tone

The sofa combination doesn’t look like they’re mashed up. That’s because they all have this classy curves. And they fit the color scheme as well. Now you may not notice the pictures hanging on the wall. But that’s obviously a ’30s design.

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More Contemporary Approach

eclectic rooms with DIY wall decor

A great combination of color and patterns that don’t clash one another. The wall is diamond while the rug is Chevron. Since both have this similar geometrical shape, they work well. That goes the same with the old orange couch with the blue one.

Beautiful Riot

elegant eclectic rooms

Patterns, shapes, and various distinctive style from all over the world. But as you can see, they all fit together. Great proportion holds the key in this room.

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