18 Small Living Room Ideas for Urban Living

Right now, it’s almost close to impossible to have a bigger living space. Not only it’s a matter of availability, but also a matter of keeping up. Bigger space means it requires extra time to clean. And with function comes first, everyone seems to prefer a smaller living rooms at the moment.

Well, it’s all return to each people. As there are some who would love to have a bigger house that can hold their big family.

Contemporary Small Living Room in a Small Apartment

small living room ideas in red

Combining bold colors like red sofa in grey painted walls is good for small spaces. As they can give the impression that room is wide enough. Add a floating shelf that supports a wall mounted TV and comes with a nifty contemporary coffee. It doesn’t take much to have a cozy living room.

Tackling a Narrow and Small Living Room

small living room ideas with black IKEA furniture

When space is something you can’t buy, or makeshift. Don’t give up. Use some dark colors on the furniture to add extra glamour. Don’t clutter the room with too much items. Just a pair of sofa and a small coffee table should do.

Asian Inspired Small Living Room

Asian inspired small living room ideas

Trick your limited space by using bamboo and sliding paper doors for a beach or Asian inspired living room. Bamboo is easy to maintain so you can save some money for the upholstery and cushions.

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Gallery for Small Living Room Ideas

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