20 Landscaping Designs with Big Rocks You Must Copy

For your beautiful garden, landscaping designs with big rocks can add past and modern sensation at one. This big rock also can create the focal point at your garden and yard that makes your house improved.waterfall landscaping designs with big rocks

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To make this big rock design, you need to choose which part that you need to set with big rock. You can add big rock in your big tree and circle it with big rock or in your pool by adding big rock at your edge pool. You also can add these big rocks at your perennial tree and ambushed.

Bring the past at your home with big rock as your fire pit and you can create more spectacular idea such as the rock monument for your beloved family. You can choose big rocks and then set for flooring at your yard path.  You also can make wall stone at your yard and make it stands with big rocks.simple landscaping designs with big rocks

Want to have fishpond? Use big rock as your fish pond and make layered fish pond where the top pond create waterfall at your lower pond and then for the pond edge you create from this  big rocks. Ask your gardener to create your stone fish pond.

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Gallery for Landscaping Designs with Big Rocks

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