17 Minimalist Kidney Shaped Pool Designs

Kidney shape pool is ranged from simple pool that really shaped like our kidneys, to those that look like apples and even bordering free form. Basically, if it has the small crook somewhere around the middle. It’s definitely a kidney shaped pool.

This design is quite versatile, so you can have it for your indoor or outdoor pool. The size is varied as well, but most people love having a small or medium sized kidney shaped pool in their yard.

Small Inground Pool

contemporary kidney shape pool

Even though the pool itself is small, but it has a low waterfall and give overall a cozy feeling. The pavement helps creating a familiar ambiance and great for hosting a small party.

Apple like kidney shaped pool

small and simple kidney shape pool

Looks like an apple, but it’s a kidney shaped pool. Medium sized, with a fireplace in the corner. Some flat stones are arranged as an accent. The seating fits perfectly too.

With Waterfall and Wooden Deck

small kidney shape pool with wooden deck

The wooden deck made this pool look more elegant, despite of its size. The waterfall is optional of course. But it’s more to hide that it’s an above ground pool. This is a perfect if you don’t have a large yard or you can’t have an inground one.

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