19 Cool Adult Loft Bed With Stairs Designs

Being an adult means we have to swallow whatever life gave us and just move on.  That’s not wrong, but sometimes that means less space available for us to live.

Maybe it’s not a huge deal for the guys. But still, everyone would love to have their own privacy every once in a while. Anyhow, having an adult loft bed is one of the solutions for small spaces issue.

An adult loft bed means a loft bed that comes in better size, design, and you don’t have to stuck with the classic bunk bed design all the time.

Minimalist Adult Loft Bed for Small Space

minimalist in white adult loft bed with stairs

Only able to get a very small apartment that practically left you no room to do anything? Easy. Build the loft section on your own. Make sure it’ll be strong enough to hold your weight. And voila, you have your own floating bedroom.

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Reusing Your Old Bunk Bed

adult loft bed with stairs with curtains

It doesn’t matter whether you’re back to your parents’ house or you just attached to that bunk bed. But with a little modifications, like removing the lower bed and add curtains, you have another room inside a room.

Industrial Contemporary Adult Loft

minimalist adult loft bed with stairs

With metal frame in dark colors, having this bed style is mostly preferred by males. Those who prefer not to waste extra money for a sofa bed or a bigger apartment.

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  1. I am interested in having two different beds built. The very first long white one is awesome and I’d like to start immediately. Are the directions for sale? Or, can I have someone build it for me?
    I also flip 1br apartments to tourists in 2 different building in zsth. beach Fl. I’m certain some of the owners would want them built and perhaps be able to rent for a little more with the additional space. In fact the high ceilings made it perfect for me to build one in the closet.
    I’m thinking I can make quite a bit building these. The black one suspended from the ceiling – I have no clue how to make.
    So, I’m interested in the first one (all white) immediately and basically the directions on the others that are not do easily look at and build. Thanks, Awesome site.
    Long ago I found a great site all suspended from the ceilings but only made in the UK. Ugh. Thanks 4 your help.
    Peace, Tricia Perez
    (305) 238-4332

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