17 Nifty White Lacquer Credenza Designs

Having a credenza is one of advantage every owner should use. It works well in the living room, foyer, and even in the bedroom. There are many designs that you can choose to fit your room. But white credenza always comes as the best choice.

White credenza can look very stylish and modern. Remember not to outdo the design. If your credenza is already textured or looking unique on its own, don’t put too much stuff on top. Let it shine on its own.

Wave Texture

contemporary waved white lacquer credenza

A subtle texture design like this can set the whole difference. Put this credenza in your living room and have a small retro radio on top, along with one or two framed picture and old books.

Classic Parissiene

white lacquer credenza with chinese coin accent

The iron handles are so vintage, along with other small details like the curved leg and hanging handles. You may have found this in a garage sale, or maybe repainted your own.

Modern and Textured

full textured white lacquer credenza

This white credenza looks like it’s made from an actual stone that carved into such design. But since the texture already pull all of the attention, it’s better if you put less flashy items on top. As you can see, contrast color works too.

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Gallery for White Lacquer Credenza Designs

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