17 Simply Gorgeous Pool Waterfall Ideas

Having a waterfall for your pool is like having a visible water filter for your aquarium. Only prettier. You need to pay attention on the your pool size and the general ambiance. You can’t put a stacked river stone waterfall when you have very limited space. And having a wall panel waterfall when your pool in the middle of the yard will make it look ridiculous.

Another thing you can try is to have your jacuzzi pool on a different level, and use the connecting panel as small waterfall. That could work too.

Stacked River Stone

natural looking pool waterfall ideas

Using river stone or flat stone to create a waterfall is pretty common. You can control the height and width of the artificial waterfall. Make sure that it doesn’t overwhelmed your pool.

Contemporary Curtain

curtain pool waterfall ideas

Using wall to install the waterfall sets and they do look like curtaining the wall. This design works best for more modern looking theme. But if you want to make it look more classic, you can put some statues as the fountain.

Contemporary Classy

pool waterfall ideas with sleeping statue

The sleeping statue is what makes all the difference. If it isn’t there. It’ll be a boring pool even though you can see how beautiful the scenery is from there. But the pool itself is a letdown.

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Gallery for Pool Waterfall Ideas


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