20 Exquisite Waterfalls Designs for Pools Inground

Having a pool inside your house will add the aesthetic value to your house. Pool can be a great decoration and of course will always make your house look refreshing. For even more beautiful decoration, you can add waterfalls for pools inground. The sound of falling and streaming water from the waterfall is just relaxing and will help you to refresh your mind after a long day at work. Below are some ideas for it.

large waterfalls for pools inground

You can try the idea of waterfall faucet. This idea will work if you do not have enough space to build a pool inside your house. All you have to do to make this waterfall faucet is just a tiny space on the corner of the house. Above the faucet, you can install a piece of stainless steel metal and arrange it into the path of the waterfall. Then, for final touch, decorate the faucet with decorating rocks and some vases of flowers.

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If you have a fish pond in your house, you can try to make a waterfall out of imitated rocks. Arrange the rocks into the height that you desire and then use it as the path of the waterfall. Surround the waterfall with green plants for more natural effect.

waterfalls for pools inground for geometric pool for small space

You do not always have to put your waterfall on the pool. You can use a modern glass waterfall. This kind of waterfall makes the water drips from the glass into the container underneath. It will be very good for your decoration.

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Gallery of Waterfalls for Pools Inground

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