19 Best Backyard Swimming Pool Designs

Having a big backyard is a privilege. You can literally use the open space to place anything such as patio, gazebo, garden pergola, and of course, a swimming pool. Having your own personal swimming pool in your backyard is an absolute delight because you can have fun and exercise at the same time. Below are the best backyard swimming pool designs that you can build at home.cool best backyard swimming pool designs for limited space

Above ground swimming pool is kind of adored nowadays. Many people choose this above ground swimming pool design. The above ground swimming pool design looks so modern and the stairs to the swimming pool just add the sophisticated elements for the swimming pool.

Waterfall swimming pool is just perfect for your outdoor swimming pool. It will add the natural look of the swimming pool and the waterfall can be a fun entertainment for the people swimming in the pool. Just surround the pool with various rocks and plants for decoration.awesome above ground best backyard swimming pool designs

If you do not have a backyard but have a unused vast space inside your house, you can build an indoor swimming pool. Indoor swimming pool usually has rectangle shape and looks more private and intimate. Decorate the wall and the floor around the pool with wooden theme for more natural effect.

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