17 Beautiful Japanese Garden Design Ideas

I guess there’ll be no end when it comes to Japanese Garden. I can’t even tell where to start. Whether it’s the beauty, or the simplicity, or maybe even the philosophical ideas behind it that truly attract us. However, starting a Japanese Garden can be pretty daunting. Cause as we all know, it’s not easy to reach Zen.

Here’s two tips on how to make your Japanese Garden looks like it’s designed by a professional. First is to keep it minimum and simple. Don’t overdo it unless you really know what you’re doing. If you don’t, then stay to minimum and keep it simple. Second is to add a small Japanese related item. Whether it’s a small stone lamp, pathway, or anything that screams Zen so people will get it right away.

Design for Limited Space

japanese garden design with small garden lamp

So you’re just like me who doesn’t have a wide space to garden. Nor the patience to tend a large one. Then set a small nook for some plants. Put a stone lamp and nondescript ornament to emphasize the garden more.

Contemporary Japanese Garden

contemporary japanese garden designer

Perfect for rooftop and pool side. I mean, come on. Two square grounds for plants that designed like a mirror is always pleasant to see when having a lazy summer day.

Rustic and Minimalist

rustic japanese garden designer

If you have larger yard. You can try planting some trees instead of bushes or have a stone and sand Zen garden. These trees need regular trimming and pruning so they’ll stay in balance and won’t destroy your design.

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