20 Tranquil Japanese Garden Backyard Designs

Japanese garden backyard design principle is to bring the nice atmosphere of the four seasons in Japan into a park so that the garden represents the beauty of the four seasons as well. Japanese garden always managed to bring a peaceful atmosphere in its simplicity.Japanese garden backyard design with zigzag design and patio

Usually, to make this park will take a few elements such as wood, stone, sand, water, and flowers. Each element is representing a certain shade so that is one element does not exist then the park was not the same anymore.

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Some homeowners in Japan were designing their house in order to make it blend with nature even though in indirect way, such as by applying the glass doors or doors made of wood with the glass paper covering the trellis. In addition, at least one room (usually the dining room or family room) must be adjacent to the garden. So, if the door is opened, it directly connected with the garden.Japanese garden backyard design with big rock

For a house that has ample land, the Japanese garden backyard design will be equipped with a small bridge. It made of wood or bamboo and connects a semi private point to a more private area where the natural landscape is very beautiful and the atmosphere is peaceful.

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