19 Lovely Art Deco Living Room Ideas for Modern Interior

Art deco has always been popular for interior decoration. Art deco is believed to be the most used art style decorative during the 20’s and the 30’s. The characteristic of this kind of style is its bold and precise geometric line shape pattern. It also has strong colors. Below are some tips how to decorate the living room with this art deco living room design.art deco living rooms with white contemporary sofa and zebra print rug

For the living room, the art deco pattern can be used to decorate the wall. If you are using wallpaper, choose the wallpaper with art deco pattern. The big and bold stripes on the wall will be a great interior decoration for the room. If you are using paint, use masking tape to create an art deco pattern on the wall before covering it up with paint.

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The carpet in the room can be in art deco style as well. Choose the carpet with strong colors and big and bold stripes. Do not forget to match the color of the carpet with the entire color schemes of the living room.bright and colorful art deco living rooms

You can also put the style into your couch or your sofa. Use a sofa cover with art deco pattern and color to cover the sofa. However, just do not overdo anything with the art deco theme and remember to always match it with the entire color schemes.

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