Breath box Seaside by NAS Architecture

Started as a part for the Architecture festival. Breath box has become popular due to its unique quality. To put it simply, it’s a viewing platform made from mirrors and wood. An open space for everyone to enjoy the sea view.

La Grande Motte is known for the strong and year-long windy nature. That’s what inspired the designers from a French based group, NAS Architecture, to create a viewing platform that will accommodate the nature.

breathbox seaside worm view

The building is so simple. It’s a wall of mirror that reflects on the sea. From afar, you can only see the sea. But when you approach it up close. You will see that the mirrors are flapping and reflects what’s in front of them in distorted way.

breathbox seaside back view

It’s called the Breath Box because it has no entrance or exit door. Everyone is free to interact with each flapping mirrors. As there are reports that some people actually love the noise made by the flaps.

breathbox seaside looking from outside

The Breath box was made for the Festival de Architecture Vives under the theme sensuality. The designer explained that the interaction, no matter how subtle, between each people and how they see themselves can be taken as an interpretation of sensuality.


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