18 Amazing Vault Ceiling Designs Photos

Vault ceiling is unarguably one of the most beautiful ceilings in any form. Whether it’s made from stones and woods like during the middle ages. Or whether it’s all covered up for more modern design. It won’t cease to amaze us.

Another thing about vault ceiling is that it doesn’t have to be heavily ornamented to look beautiful. The intricate design can appear subtly, but sometimes, for grander places, it comes more apparent. The decoration sure helps, like in the Versailles palace. But really, it doesn’t have to be that grand. Especially when you’re aiming for more modern look.

Old Vault Ceiling in Oxford

vault ceilings in Oxford

Vault ceiling is dated hundreds of years ago. As it once popular for churches and castles. The uneven height is cleverly hidden and only the ones with keenest eye would notice.

Red and Blue Ornate

vault ceilings tall in blue and red

For some establishment, decorating the ceilings with ornaments like stained glass or painting counts as a symbol of wealth. As you can see in the mosques and churches.

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With a Chandelier

vault ceilings with chandelier

No, it’s not a drop ceiling. It’s a vault ceiling disguised as dropped. Yes, it’s doable. Especially if you have small house and have height restriction so you can’t have a high arched vault ceiling.

Gallery for Amazing Vault Ceiling Designs Photos

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