19 Gracious Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

To some people, if not most, small living room have always been an issue. From choosing the furniture to placing them so the living room still have some space Up to choosing the right decoration to show the homeowner’s personality.

You should have noticed by now that there are keys on working with your small living room. It’s your decision to figure out what look best there or not. But remember that the main idea for a small living room is how to make it looks warm with enough space for the guests.

Wall Mural

small living room ideas with lovely wall mural

The living room is only as big as the rug underneath, so it’s not that big. But the crevice in the wall that filled with wall mural makes it look different. It emphasizes on the classic chairs.

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L-shaped Sofa

small living room ideas with green modular sofa

One of the easiest trick to work with small living room is to use either a modular sofa or an L-shaped one. That always works. You can have the living room in a corner and put your sofa there, with a matching coffee table, and you’re done.

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Classic Cream

small living room ideas in cream and coffee

Cream, beige, and other brown shades are popular for small living room. It’s classy and work with many colors. So while you play around with the wall and decoration, you can save on furniture.

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