18 Gorgeous Modern Four Poster Bed Designs

A four poster bed might be a classic. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t adapt into more modern setting. The base of a four poster bed is of course, the four posts. But since the posts can give out a classic look, especially if paired with heavy canopy. So mostly, they keep it bare. Exposing all the posts and bed frame. Though it’s not rare to see some of them playing with the canopy fabric instead.

A modern four poster bed can look really amazing. The bare ones are perfect for minimalist bedrooms. It has the clean and sophisticated look

Modern Four Poster in Minimalist Glass Walled Room

minimalist modern four poster bed on wide bedroom

Having a glass wall room might be unthinkable to some people. But if you have such beautiful garden, you might want to trade one of your walls for the view. And the modern four poster fits really well here.

Two toned four poster

two toned canopied modern four poster bed

The curtains doesn’t make the bed looks less modern at all. In fact, the curtains add more sophistication. The two tone theme is another great idea to apply.

No Canopy

modern four poster bed with linked circles accent

This bed doesn’t have the canopy, instead, it has this linked circles on headboard. It’s pretty, but I think those rings are there to attract some Olympic athletes, or at least people who are into Olympic games.

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