20 Beautiful Teenage Girls Room Inspiration Designs

When your daughter turns from kid into teenager, you will need to redesign her room. This is so since teenagers has different taste with kids. Room redesign will make your daughter feels motivated to do her activities too. However, in designing, it will be better to involve her in every step. This way, she will feel more appreciated.blue dalmatian teenage girls room inspiration designs

To do bedroom makeover, you and your daughter should build the design first. There are teenage girls room inspiration designs that we can give to vary your ideas. The first idea is employing things that your daughter likes. If your daughter likes pink, you can decorate the bedroom with pink furniture, accessories, or wall painting. If she loves butterfly, you have the opportunity to install butterfly-patterned wall stickers, curtains, lamp shades, cushions, or bedding. Of course, to apply this idea, you should ask your daughter what she likes the most. You can combine the things she likes with various colors to make the room more adorable.

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The second design idea is applying the minimalist design. This is suitable with today’s modern design. In this design, you don’t need to employ too many colors into the room. Use three or four colors and some colorful complementary equipment, like carpet, cushions, or paintings. Another design idea is the elegant style. Put a tufted bed in the middle of the room. Assist it with two bedside tables and bedside chair. Choose soft-colored ornaments and bedding to make the room more glorious. Install a big pendant at the center of the room.luxurious teenage girls room inspiration designs in purple

For small space bedroom, you can choose bed with bookshelf on its head. This way, your daughter can store her things near her bed. Make the room look spacious by choosing brighter furniture color and painting the wall in white. Another idea is making the room more feminine. It can be done with installing flower wall stickers, wallpapers, curtains, or shades. Feminine ambience can be felt with the accessories too. You can place her beloved dolls on the bookshelf or some unique paintings on the wall.

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