Great Fittings by Top Contemporary Italian Furniture Makers

Talking about Italian furniture is almost as close as talking about an art object. They’re always gorgeous, elegant, and all in all, looks like it’s done by love. Even the factory made one.

It’s almost inexplicable. But we sure all love Italian furniture, and the makers seem like never run out of any ideas and continue producing high end quality items for all part of our house.

Living Daybed

contemporary settee Italian furniture maker

This daybed has such tall headboard. And even though it comes in almost dull muted grey, the pink champagne fringe made it look classy. The oversized headboard itself also look graceful in disarray.

Elegant Contemporary Dining Room

modern dining table set Italian furniture maker

Yes, we know. The chandelier looks awesome. But the dining table set underneath it is awesome as well. The Italian furniture maker sure know how to implement grace and elegance into modern design. That even though the whole set is looking modern and sleek. It keeps a refined imaged only Italian furniture has.

Gorgeous Romantic Bedroom

contemporary Italian furniture maker

The mirrored effect on the bed frame and cabinet gives this room a more modern look. And it fits the color choice for the room, which is in tan and beige. Some grey and black rug along with the black chandelier just emphasizes the romance elements.

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Other Great Fittings by Italian Furniture Makers

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