Water Lily House by Guz Architect, Singapore

Having a private residence will give you a lot of benefits. But most of all, is the benefit to create a house that fit your wish. Like this private residential in Singapore that choose to have its pool and garden as the focal point.

The homeowner, helped by Guz Architect, built a house that celebrate the nature. Using large glass walls, wood material, and all around structure that allow the owners as well as the guests to enjoy the greeneries wherever they are.

All About Nature

water lily house entrance

Using glass walls lined with woods, and the ceiling design will make the house bath in sunlight. Which, being located in the tropics, is a really good thing.

Green Green Grass

water lily house second floor view

Having this much space for the green, sure enough any homeowner will do their best to make sure that their house will get enough sunshine. At any rate, it’s really relaxing to see so much greenery.

Breezy but Not Chilly

water lily house outdoor hallway

Open house concept is well applied all around the house. The hallway is open on both sides. One is walled with curtain-like wood panels to allow the sunlight in, while the other more like a blind, to get the wind.

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