18 Minimalist Metal Credenza Designs

Having a metal credenza can give your foyer or living room a different perk. Most people associated metal credenza with mid century style. But metal credenza can look fun and futuristic as well.

If you think you can only play with texture when it’s made of wood. You’re wrong. With metal, you even have more option to have the mesh texture or some fake wrought iron pattern. You can also combine the plain and pattern without relying much on paint.

Yellow Industrial

metal credenza bright yellow

Proof that metal credenza can brighten up your room. Yellow itself is a fun color that suits all year along and almost all style. This credenza can fit well in a retro theme room, or a futuristic one. You can even put it in your Mediterranean living room.

Eel Skin

metal credenza with eel skin pattern

This pattern slash texture is really great for a contemporary look. It’s edgy, sexy, and all the way through very stylish. It also has subtle classy effect. You won’t regret to have one of this on your house.

Industrial Through and Through

metal credenza with wood panels

The combination of metal and wood are looking great in this credenza. The main style is industrial, that’s obvious. But the play on wood for two drawers softens the image a little bit.

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Gallery for Minimalist Metal Credenza Designs

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