20 Simple Canvas Painting Ideas You Can Do on Your Own

Canvas paintings are often sought by many people to decorate their house. It is because canvas paintings are simple yet beautiful. However, instead of buying canvas paintings, you can try to make your own even though you are not so good at paintings. Below is some simple painting ideas canvas.cute and simple painting ideas canvas abtract tree

The first idea is the color gradation art. It is very simple and very easy to make. All you have to do is filling the canvas with at least three colors. Choose the colors that are good for gradation such as dark blue on the top of the canvas, then in the middle sky blue, and on the bottom of the canvas is light blue. The transition between each color should be very beautiful for house decorations.

The second idea is handprint art. All you have to do is coloring the canvas to make the background and then dab your whole hand into different color paint. Then, print your hand on the canvas and leave it to dry.simple painting ideas canvas empty heart

The third idea is stripes art. You have to prepare mesh tape for this one. Spread the tape on the canvas. Do not forget to measure the distance. Then, flatten the edges with your nails. Then, paint all over the canvas with any color you want. After it dries, peel off the tape and your stripes art is ready.

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