20 Brilliant Ceiling Design Ideas for Living Room

Ceiling is also an important part of a house that should be well decorated. It affects the appearance of a room because it is integrated with the room itself. Before decorating ceiling, you should know which style will be used. We provide some brilliant ideas that might help you in creating distinctive ceiling.modern ceiling design ideas for living room with square lamps

There are several ceiling design ideas for living room that can be used. It is including conventional, tray, cathedral, vaulted, exposed beams, and coved designs. The most common ceiling style employed by people is the conventional design. This kind of ceiling is installed from 8 up to 10 feet above the floor. Usually, the ceiling is finished with plaster or drywall to make it look neat. People can combine the decoration with installing big pendant in the middle of the room.

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You can use tray ceiling too. As its name inferred, the tray ceiling looks like a large tray which is put upside down. The central part of the ceiling is flat, while its sides are covered with stairs-like squares from the central ceiling to the wall. Another idea is the vaulted ceiling. This one is quite unique. This ceiling forms an angle like the shape of the roof. The angle location varies. It can be symmetrically in the middle of the room or unevenly. You can choose the coved design too. It is characterized with the wood covering the edges between the wall and the ceiling. For more brilliant idea, employ the exposed beams design. It will definitely make your room looks awesome. This design is very unique since you don’t need to cover the pipes, beams, or other installation located in the ceiling. Everything is left exposed. It will create spacious feel to your room.classic oval shaped ceiling design ideas for living room

For more attractive ceiling, it is better to install the cathedral ceiling. Among other ceiling design ideas for living room, this one is the most awesome décor. Cathedral ceiling is good option to make the room feels more spacious. This is so because the ceiling is attached to the trusses and arched to the top of the house. What make it even beautiful are the ornaments on the cathedral ceiling. You can paint abstract or floral patterns or even paintings to the ceiling.

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