20 Neat Floating Shelf Decorating Ideas

In decorating their house, many people often choose floating shelf. It is because floating shelf is beautiful and does not take too much space on the house. It just can be nailed on the wall and becomes a great decoration. Below is some floating shelf decorating ideas that you can try to make at home.simple floating shelf decorating ideas for baby equipments

The first idea is the framed pictures floating shelf. In this idea, the floating shelf on your wall will be filled with many framed pictures. You can arrange the picture as you like it. Say for example, the picture of the grandparents on the top of the shelf and down to the bottom are the framed pictures of the children and then grandchildren.

The second idea is librarian floating shelf. It means that you fill the floating shelf with many kinds of books. Just remember to arrange the book according to its thickness or colors. You can also arrange the books according to its genres or authors, of course.floating shelf decorating ideas for limited space

The third idea is china floating shelf. It will be very good for your dining room. In this idea, your floating shelf will be filled by a lot of china stuff such as teapot, small plates, and glasses and so on. Stack the plates or bowls neatly so that it will look good on the floating shelf.

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