20 Different Pool Shapes and Designs in Modern Architecture

Pool is a perfect complementary for a home. It gives the water element and makes it feels cooler. The relaxing impression is the other thing that you can get from a good pool design. But when it talks about the attractive pool shapes and designs, you have to take a look to this.simple and minimalist pool shapes and designs

The huge collection of the unique pool shapes can be found here. It is not just dominated by the square shape. There also the other shapes such as the circle form or the abstract forms. But overall, the design is pretty attractive and gives something new to your backyard.

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One of the most interesting pool shapes is the half-moon pool. Just like the name, it has the half-moon shape which is coming with stairs on the side. It also decorated with a small garden near the pool that makes it looks more natural.kidney shaped pool shapes and designs for kids pool

The luxury estate pool can also be a good example for the luxury backyard decoration. Compared with the other pool shapes and designs, this pool is focusing on the symmetry. There are 2 semicircular arches on the end of the sides. With the long shape, these additional shapes look suitable with pool. Beside it, it is also good with its modern design.

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Gallery for Pool Shapes and Designs

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