17 Fascinating Pools With Waterfalls Ideas

Yes, we can’t get enough when it comes to pool with waterfalls. There seems to be endless way to work it around. Whether using the pool’s design or the waterfall, or with small attachments as fountains. Just so many ways.

The term waterfall for pool have developed from natural looking brooks to something more contemporary. curtaining the tiles. Sometimes with lights to have a dramatic effect at night.

Contemporary Glow

contemporary light for pools with waterfalls

Gorgeous orange light that looks like there’s a fire underneath the waterfall. Just picture watching this after a long hard day. Very relaxing.

Lovely and Elegant

lovely pools with waterfalls

The waterfall doesn’t have to be tall or wide with slabs of stones like in most pools. You can also use the difference in land’s height to create a small waterfall. You can use similar design using tiles and make the waterfall looks more modern.

Twin bowls

pools with waterfalls with unique fountain

Again, you don’t have to be fixated on the idea that a waterfall for a pool have to look like a real waterfall. You can use one or two bowls like this as the waterfall. You can use rich decorated bowls or an antique design to something very contemporary and modern like a set of blocks.

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