20 Modern Painted Floors Inspirations

Modern painted floors inspiration is very helpful for those who have old house with wooden floors. Sometimes we have no idea how to turn it out to be modern one. So, the easiest step to start is white color paint. By applying white color, it can give away scary nuance or atmosphere of old house as you might want a fresh modern house but you still can’t afford it yet.modern painted floors inspiration for minimalist house

Instead of dreaming of modern house, it is better to start changing everything inside your old style house. When it comes to wooden floor, it is the best idea to paint them in white as well. If you want soften color, cream color is great.

Also, you can add patterns you like. It is useful to create nice atmosphere at home, so you won’t see plain floor like usual. Apparently this method is suitable for wooden floors by far.modern painted floors inspiration for small apartment

And of course, this can be applied to real modern house as long as they have wooden floors as well. You can also paint such as painting the top of The Empire State Building below the dining table. The result is you feel like having a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the top of real building!

Gallery for Modern Painted Floors Inspirations

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