17 Luxurious Italian Sofa Brand Designs

Italian Sofa means something very luxurious, both by design and material. You just can’t go wrong with it. Seriously, no matter what style or where you put it. The Italian sofa automatically exudes luxury, just by existing.

Thanks to the high quality, any Italian sofa is still high on demand no matter what the price is. When you hear brands like Minotti, B&B Italia, or Saba Italia, the first thing on your mind is A grade quality with timeless design. And you’re not wrong at that point.

Retro Curl Sofa

Unique design Italian Sofa Brands

Maybe you didn’t expect this from an Italian sofa brand. But this sofa still look classy and luxurious enough. The curl detail adds an edge, and give the sofa another impact.

Classy Shades

Classy Italian Sofa Brands

Simple will always be classy. Maybe that’s what this Italian sofa tried to tell us. Simple is classy, and it’s true. Get them in classy colors like cream, beige, and off white.

Bright Orange Italian Sofa

Italian Sofa Brands in orange

Italian sofa sure loves to play around too. Using bright orange in a contemporary sofa, redefined our understanding on what beauty is. Even though the color is a bit unusual, but it still look glamorous like any other Italian brand sofa.

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