17 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors That You Must Know About

Choosing the right cabinet color can be quite difficult. Some people prefer to keep the natural wood color and texture for their cabinet. Some other prefers to have it more modern. Either with laminating the surface or a complete different surface design.

Anyway, let’s check out some of the most popular cabinet colors we have gathered. You might have to disagree a little as you scroll down the page, so let us know in the comment section.

Au Naturale

popular cabinet colors rustic au naturale

Like we said earlier, some people prefers to keep the natural wood color and texture. While it sure is pretty. But it needs extra care as well. And it can be quite expensive. Both for installation and maintenance. Another way is to use clear lacquer. So it will show the texture.

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Espresso Cabinet

popular cabinet colors in espresso

Black or Espresso is another popular color choice for the kitchen cabinets. The simplicity and also modern image given by this color is mostly why. Also, since it hides the wood natural texture. You can get a cheaper material for this. Making it a low cost cabinet.

Pure White

popular cabinet colors in white

White is also popular. Mostly the pearl white shade. It opens up the room and give more classy feeling. In some design, it can works like a vintage as well. White cabinet is very versatile, as it also works for more modern designs.

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