5 Types of Stones for Flower Beds You Must Know

There are several stones for flower beds which are functioned to highlight the plants, add definition and structure as well add the accent for the flower bed itself. For those reasons, many gardeners landscape the flower bed using stones and since they are different in types, each also gives different effect.stones for flower beds idea for side yard

We will only discuss the five types of stones for landscape flower bed. First is river rock with characteristic of round shape, smooth edge and surface. It is ideal for big flower bed. The volcanic rock comes from lava flows. Commonly, the color is deep red-brown with porous texture and has irregular shape.

Other common stone is pea gravel which has similar shape with peas and the texture is like river rocks. This kind of stone is attractive to be decorative stone and enhance the plant presentation. Granite is one of another decorative stone due to its various colors. Yet, it may be more expensive than other stones.cute stones for flower beds for small yards

One more decorative stone is the marble fragments or also known as chipped marble. The marble brings different look with its sparkle and shimmer for the flower beds. Those are several kinds of stones for flower beds to know so you can decide which one to take for the garden.

Gallery for Stones for Flower Beds

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