18 Alluring Indoor Wall Hanging Planter Designs

Since we are forced to live in more enclosed area with minimum space to do gardening. People slowly move from the traditional back yard garden to the rooftop or even indoor. After all, there are many new designs that supports the notion. Like the small planter you can have on your desk.

Not just the traditional gardening. Hanging plants trend also slowly move indoor. Just check out some of the hanging plant ideas below.

Kings and Queens

indoor wall hanging planter crown

Personal favorite, it can’t be helped. It’s classy and also beautiful. The crown shaped plant gives another touch to the wall. Very great to have indoor as it looks great as wall decoration.

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Slanted Modern

sleek modern indoor wall hanging planter

In case you prefer more modern touch. You can get this kind of planter. thing is, it’s huge so you might need an extra space. Also, the layers can’t be broken down into separate individual.

Traditional Wreath

lush and lovely indoor wall hanging planter

Not for Christmas. The actual planter underneath this is shaped like a wreath. However, there are various style you can have with that basic design. It’s all depends on the type of plant you choose to have. Anyway, this is a more conventional design that most people have, where they cover the planters.

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