18 Modern Interior Living Room Arrangement Ideas

When you’re arranging the furniture for a room. There are things to consider. But mostly, you need to be aware the main function of that room. Like when you arrange a living room or a sitting area. You have to make sure that not only the furniture is comfortable enough to hold long conversation. But also they have to be placed in the position that support the initial notion.

The sofa and coffee table arrangement is essential in this matter. You wouldn’t want anything to obstruct or distract you or your guest from having a decent conversation.

Modern Living Room

modern room arrangements by Minotti

The modern and industrial style is so apparent here. Heavy use of grey and unique coffee table design. Combined with an L shaped modular sofa, each elements worked well and complement each other.

Minimalist in White

room arrangements with wooden floor and white furniture

When it comes to sofa, white is one of the most popular colors. Anyhow, as you can see, this sofa set is well arranged so they can talk while still enjoying the entertainment on TV.

For Small Living Rooms

room arrangements for narrow living rooms

When you have limited space like this, there’s no other way but to place the sofa face to face. Don’t think that you can’t decorate much, as your sofa choice can be a good statement item.

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