20 Fabulous Wood Coffee Table Designs by Genius

Coffee table made of wood is one of the furniture in the house that just has to be there. It is because coffee table is useful and does not require too much space. If you want to maximize your coffee table, below is some wood coffee table designs that you can try at home.contemporary with a single drawer wood coffee table designs

The first idea is the wooden coffee table with drawers. In this idea, the coffee table will be completed with some drawers under the table. Rectangular shape coffee table will be great to employ this idea because it can maximize the number of the drawer.

The second idea is display top wooden coffee table. The display top coffee table allows you to show off any decoration you have prepared under the table top. Usually, you can fill the decoration on the table and then cover the top of the table with glass so that people can see through the decoration.sleek and open wood coffee table designs

The third idea is rustic coffee table. It is the plainest coffee table idea. There will be nothing but the table. No drawers, no top displays, just the table. However, the style of a rustic coffee table is very traditional and interesting for some people who love conventional style.

Gallery for Wood Coffee Table Designs

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