18 Bewitching Retro Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Retro look can be achieved in many ways. You can use the colors, or the furniture, or  a combination of two. Have your pick. Really. Your bedroom is your kingdom where you have all the say on what to have and not to have there.

If you don’t like something, discard it and get something that suits your style more. Even so, listen to all advice and make sure that everything is coherent with the theme. Whatever that is.

Retro in Brown and Orange

retro bedroom ideas in black and orange I have to say that this one reminds me to an orange chocolate. The color combination is so retro, along with the half backed white swivel chair. The pattern also scream retro. Still, the room owner doesn’t clutter this bedroom with other retro items. Good job.

With Green Wallpaper

retro bedroom ideas with green wall panel and DIY hanging lamp

The orange chocolate might be too much for you, and you want something more classy but not in somber color. Then get a green wallpaper like this one. The pattern is a classic, but heavily popular along the 80s. Great for a subtle retro look.

Rustic, Minimalist, Classy

classy retro bedroom ideas and paisley bedding

The bed frame and the bedding exude retro. The minimalist night stand supports that notion as well. This room may speak retro more subtle than the last two pictures. But it’s a retro through and through.

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