20 Exquisite Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool Ideas

Kidney shaped swimming pools are the kind of swimming pool wanted by many people. The design is very simple and elegant. If you are planning to build a swimming pool on your backyard and intend to have it in kidney shape, below are some ideas for it.kidney shaped swimming pools with tiki hut

You can add a water slide in your swimming room. Beside the water slide can be an extra aesthetic value to your swimming pool, it can be a fun ride for the kids when they are swimming in the swimming pool. Plus, the flowing water from that falls from the slides to the swimming pool will make the water move more freely. Just make sure the water slide has an appropriate height and make sure it is safe for your kids to play with.

For your kidney shaped swimming pools, you can also add imitated big rocks with waterfalls. It will add the natural look of the swimming pool and the waterfall can be a fun entertainment for the people swimming in the pool.spacious kidney shaped swimming pools

You can also have an indoor swimming room with kidney shaped. You can even add a basketball hoop on the edge of the pool. The basketball hoop will be a great fun entertainment for your family because they will be able to play basketball when they are swimming in the pool.

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