20 Pretty Girl Bedrooms for Your Little Princesses

Decorating a bedroom for a little girl is quite tricky. You have to be smart in deciding how to decorate the room so that it will be pretty and comfortable. If the room is comfortable, the little girl will be so in love with her room and she will have no difficulties in adapting herself to her room. Below is how to decorate pretty girl bedrooms.spacious pretty girl bedrooms

First, you have to pick the theme color for the room. If she loves pink color then pink color it is. Usually for a little girl, the colors that will be suitable for her room is pink, purple, or light blue. The theme color will be the foundation when you pick the color for the furniture in the room.

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Second, decorate the room with the things or toys she loves. Say for example, if the girl love teddy bear then all you have to do is getting a small cabinet and arrange her teddy bears neatly in it. It will be a great decoration for her room. If she loves Barbie dolls, get some Barbie houses and use it to decorate the room.pretty girl bedrooms in blue color scheme

Third, decorate the wall of the room using cute things such as framed family pictures, a floating shelf with toys on it, or the posters of her favorite cartoon characters.

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