20 Cool Bunk Bed Designs Your Kids Will Love

Cool bunk bed designs are perfect for a growing family, that means family which has several kids and house with limited space will get many advantages. The beds are designed like a bunker and take advantage of the empty space on either side as storage is an interesting idea.space saving built in cool bunk bed designs

Now it seems rather difficult to find a good bunk bed design with cool style and have complete functionality like saving space as well as can be applied in the house with modern style. Especially if in the family there are some kids or teenagers who are active and have a lot of items that must be stored in and store out at any time. Meanwhile the room is not too wide and even considered as tiny. So here is the example for cool bunk bed design.

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Start with two beds in a room and arrange it like one bed has to be on the top of another bed. Of course it must be in certain measurements. To access the one on the top, the bed is equipped with ladder that can be removed while not in use.cool bunk bed designs in blue and black

And then, the headboard of two beds can be utilized as a bookshelf without doors. In addition, the bottom of the second bed can be used for storing cloths or dresser.

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