20 Neat Bookshelf Decorating Ideas for Modern Interior

A bookshelf should be decorated as beautiful as possible. Thus, you won’t get bored with it. Your living room will look livelier and more interesting too. To do it, there are five simple ideas that you can apply. Although it is just easy ideas, it will certainly turn your bookshelf to be good-looking than before.Using natural elements like flowers to decorate bookshelf

The first bookshelf decorating ideas is painting the back of the bookshelf. To make it more attractive, you have to paint it with darker shade than the color of the room. Another alternative is installing wallpaper in the back of the bookcase. In case you choose to do this, make sure that you select wallpaper with small patterns. Then, arrange the books in two different ways, i.e. horizontally and vertically. This way, the bookshelf won’t look too dull.

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Then, the second idea is putting some small things other than books into the bookcase. It can be various things, such as miniatures, vases, and photographs. These items will make the bookshelf looks attractive. To highlight the small things, gather some books into a group. Then, next to it, place some frames of photograph or miniatures. It is more recommended to frame the photographs in bright colored frames. The vases or potteries can be used for bookends too. It will make the bookcase neater.DIY floating bookshelf decoration ideas

The third idea is creating multipurpose bookshelf. It means that the bookcase can be used for storing various things. One of the examples is storing your china and mini-bar equipment. Arrange your china plates into vertical composition, from the biggest to the smallest. Place it next to a group of your books. In the middle section of the bookshelf, you can put liquor collection and bar glasses. To make it looks attractive, arrange it based on the height or the color of the bottles. So, these are three bookshelf decorating ideas that can be applied for beautify your bookcase. Hope it can help you in decorating.

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