18 Lighting Ideas for Basement to Provide Spacious Feeling

It is almost the same as bathroom; basement always leaves gloomy impression to the people who have it. It is obvious that you do not like it to visit basement in the house. Mostly, basement is used for storage or washing area. You rarely visit it or clean it so it becomes dusty and scary.lighting ideas for basement as family room

In order to avoid that idea, it is much better for you to turn your basement to be a useful place. For example, instead for storage, you can turn the basement to be a library or study room. Since it is quiet, then it will be perfect for study.

You have to remember that lighting holds important role in basement. You need to make sure that you put the light on the right place. The first light should be placed on the way to enter the basement. There is no doubt that lighting ideas for basement would change many things.lighting ideas for basement as cinema and mini bar

If you have made the entrance brighter, then you need to put a lot of light on the basement. Therefore, there would not be any dark space in the room. There is no doubt that you will be able to use the basement in the maximal use.

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Gallery for Lighting Ideas for Basement

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