17 Bamboo Themed Bathrooms for Cozy Shower Experience

Choose bamboo themed bathroom to make your home close to nature.  This bamboo plant is easy to plant and you can apply in your bathroom as many function, here are some ideas for your bathroom bamboo theme.natural looking bamboo themed bathroom

The first idea comes from the Japanese minimalist bathroom design. This is the combination between the wooden furnishing bathtubs and then in the wall, there are bamboo plants that add the nature art at your bathtub.  If you have beautiful villa bathroom, this outdoor bathroom model is the perfect idea for you.

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In this outdoor bathroom model, the hanging shower is made through the bamboo wall. And the wall and flooring also made from bamboo wood, so this is great idea for your outdoor bathroom. You also can add bamboo panel for your bamboo bathroom idea.  This bamboo panel is made in outside and for the flooring, it uses stone.tropical style in bamboo themed bathroom

Next is the wall art bamboo theme. You can add bamboo wall art such as wall paper and then for your towel hanger, add the bamboo ladder that functioned as towel hanger. For the drawer, add for bamboo drawer and vanity that makes your modern bathroom still touched with bamboo theme.

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Gallery for Bamboo Themed Bathrooms

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