17 Spiffy White Loft Bed with Desk Designs

Having a white loft bed is considered to be a safe choice for many people. White is one color that nobody can mess up. You are free to pair it with bright and vibrant colors like yellow or teal, and it also works well with dark colors.

The design on loft bed also have dramatically improved. From simple varnished wood finishing, and now you can see it in different color and style. With or without railing, how the stairs looks and etc else. Below, are some designs for you to ponder and might be loved, just as much as we do.

With Steel Railing

white loft bed with desk and stairs with railing

I have to say that this is  pretty new design. The bed looks like a floating bed and the stair is there as a separate thing, not included with the bed, desk, and storage. Each stands on their own but also supporting each other.


simple minimalist white loft bed with desk

Simple, clean, no nonsense. The desk may be simple and connected directly with the shelves. If you have limited space, this is a good one for you. Play around with how wide you want the shelves to be.

Classic Vintage

white loft bed with desk and storage

Nobody said that the desk have to be underneath the bed, right? Well, in all technicality, it goes both ways for this one. The desk have wheels so you can push it underneath the bed for some extra space. Very neat.

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