17 Desk Bed for Adults Designs Made for Workaholic

Desk bed for adults can come in the same classic tone or go unique but not childlike. Actually, you have more freedom to do what you want with a desk bed. You may break the boundaries and invent your own interpretation of a desk bed. So it’s more than just a bunk bed with desk underneath.

When designing your own furniture, or maybe get a ready made one, it’s important to know your own personality and what you like. As you can work them around the budget and space available.

Desk plus bed

unusual desk bed for adults

A desk bed doesn’t always mean a bunk bed. You can have your desk attached to a bed. Of course, it takes more space. But if you’re afraid of height, or if your bed is a sofa one, or maybe your room has low ceiling. Then this is the one.

Compact and Minimalist

minimalist platform desk bed for adults

There are two versions for the desk. One without wheel like this one, and the other has wheels, just like a trundle. However, this bed and desk combo is simple and lovely to have.

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Murphy Bed As Desk Bed

Murphy bed as desk bed for adults

As we know, a murphy bed can have a floating shelf or sofa. And if you opt for the low floating shelf. You can use it as a desk. Take it as a distraction free work zone.

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