18 Sweet Floor Vases with Branches to Decorate Your House

In the past few years, the design trend have shifted to something more contemporary. Well, contemporary and Asian. With huge influence from the zen teaching. Insisting on less is more.

Anyhow, having a tall or a floor vase with branches inside your house was started as a quick solution for people who wanted to move their zen garden inside. Or those who don’t have the space for an actual zen garden.

It’s not like they’re lacking any beauty. Instead, they’re so versatile that they fit any room theme.

Floor vase with branches in a nature themed living room

floor vase with branches for the living room

As you could see, the presence of a tall floor vase with branches added extra rustic value to the whole room. It’s some sort of validation how the everything in the room is cohesive one another.

Tall vase with branches for wedding center piece

tall vase with branches and orchids

You got that right. Instead of a murky and dark image, which most people often afraid of, having a tall vase filled with branches and some flowers here and there sure have redefined the trend for center pieces.

Classy and Ethnic Looking Floor Vase with Branches

minimalist floor vase with branches

The best part is that you have limitless possibilities to play around. You can have floor vase with branches anywhere you want and they’d just fit in. At any rate, you just add another class to that room, with less effort.

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Gallery for Floor Vases with Branches

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