17 Creative Ideas of Contact Paper Makeover for Your Old Furniture

Sometimes, we feel the urge to repaint or redo some furniture items. Some other time, we feel like we have to buy a new one and discard the old. Blame the boredom. However, despite the actual condition, mostly we prefer to cling to the sentimental value and do nothing about it.

So what to do when you have no money to buy a new one, but don’t want to let it go either. Easy. Use contact paper. There are countless of ideas you could try to give your old furniture a new look.

Simple Contact Paper on Furniture

simple contact paper furniture

So you see, it’s not that difficult to beautify an old low cabinet. Pick a blue contact paper and laminate the inside of your cabinet. Don’t have to be the whole width, just the corner is fine too.

Full Contact Paper on a Cabinet

contact paper furniture in Zebra pattern

Covering the whole drawers with a contact paper, not only will give it a new look. But could also change your whole room theme.

Contact Paper for Office Furniture

contact paper furniture for small office

Before, it was just a small cramped office with boring wooden table and file cabinet in similar color. Now it looks more like fun and bright, even though the color are still in somber tone.

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