Amazing Agalarov Estate by SL Project – Moscow, Russia

The estate located in Moscow, Russia. In one of the luxurious area, that include a golf club and the houses aren’t cramped next to each other. But not only the location that unusual for this Agalarov Estate. The design itself is unique.

While most people in the area choose a more conventional design with fences and all that. The owner of Agalarov asked SL Project to build a very unique house that in a way can be taken as a space ship. And instead of working on the elevation, they worked on spreading the house horizontally.

Agalarov Estate front view close up

Two semi circle front and clear square design put Agalarov Estate into one of the most unique buildings. The colors used for the whole house is mainly white, giving off a more modern feeling.

Agalarov Estate main living room and stairs

Inside is all clean and minimalist. Still dominated by white with a little bit of wood texture here and there. The main living room have a fireplace and long staircase to the second floor.

Agalarov Estate indoor pool and patio

Agalavar Estate also have an indoor pool and a game room complete with a media room and mini bar in the basement. The outside yard itself is also kept in minimalist garden style. Nothing too fancy that will outshine the house’s unique look.


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