17 Sleek Grey Kitchen Ideas Modern Interior Design

Choosing the color grey for your kitchen means you either want to look sophisticated and modern, or you want to go with the rustic and old school look. Each look have their own composition. For instance, if you’re aiming for a contemporary look, you need to choose cabinets with flap doors, or laminate them to look shiny. Another option is to use a lot of steel colors.

Grey may be a color that came from the mix of black and white. Keeping that in mind, don’t  you think grey is also a versatile color? You can go both ways, dark and light, and combine it with colors like yellow, red, blue, and many more.

Rustic Grey Kitchen

Simple rustic Grey Kitchen Ideas

Painting the cabinet and walls in faded grey like this might be risky. As it looks a tad unfinished. But it enhances the marble counter top and the all around rustic look.

Squeeze a Lemon

Grey Kitchen Ideas with yellow accent

While standing on its own, grey can be pretty dull. That’s why you’d need to combine it with another color. You can use lemon yellow like this, or other bright colors like chili red or maybe even navy blue.

Refurnish a Hand-me-down

Grey Kitchen Ideas with glass cabinet

Using bluish and another darker shade of grey gave this kitchen a new look. It keeps the retro look, but a fresher one.

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Gallery for Modern Grey Kitchen Ideas

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